A Versatile Artist

Arvind Sahal is an Indian Singer. His healing albums in the domain of Devotional/Spiritual and Cultural programs- creating a unique brand of conscious music and soulful voice uplift and inspire thousands of people. For Arvind, Passion & Dedication are the secret ingredient that drives Hard Work, Excellence & Achievement.

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Arvind was born and raised in the midst of Kolkata-Land of Artists, basically hails from Rajasthan- Land of Maharajas.

His academic life was also completed in Kolkata. Benevolent, Generous, Charmer, Down to Earth are Arvind’s quality. While growing up in a family where music is in the vane and heredity, his interest in it grown up immensely.

Singers like Rama Ji Sahal (Father), Mohammad Rafi Ji, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Ji are his role model. Following the lead of such unique personalities, the talented young vocalist won everyone’s heart and peerless place.

Journey to Success

Arvind Sahal is not only a Singer but a Songwriter and also an Event Manager. Over a period of 25 Years with 36 successful full-length albums, Arvind has not only maintained a steady flow of new music albums but in fact, has touched everyone’s heart. His dreams are higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean. Every released album by Arvind Sahal spreads a unique awareness in society. This fact is evident with the release of the most successful album named “Vishwas Zaruri Hai”. It was an album that reveals the soul of the man and his eternal love and belief in God. With all his music albums he continues to reconcile love from his family, friends, fans, homeland, and culture.

Arvind has taken guidance and training on Music from a person whom he admires the most- Mr. Rama Ji Sahal (father)- an angelic soul. His father is also very good singer and song writer. Few of his famous bhajans are “Maiya Navraton Mein”, “Shyam Tera Khatu”, “Aao Aajao Bholenath”, “Hiwde Mein Mhare Bas Gayo Re”.. At the age of 10, where most of us even didn’t knew how to communicate properly, Arvind has taken first step towards his career and success by started doing Jagratas under his father’s mentorship. During his first decade as an artist, he recorded few albums written by his father. Later, he commenced writing and recording his own Bhajan albums like “Jaisa Bhi Hun Sanwariya”, “Kaise Haarun Bata Sanware”, “Vishwas Zaruri Hai”,“Aankhyan Meech Ke”, “Chhath Geet- Vinati” and many more. 

In his career path, he collaborated with many youtube channels like Sci Bhajan, Yuki, etc.. His success is not simply standalone achievement, but a powerful invitation to a deeper artistry and a passion to do something. Now he is stepping towards Bollywood and Sufi Songs.

All the albums launched by him and few glimpse of live programs are available on YouTube. For the latest updates and upcoming albums kindly subscribe his official YouTube channel:


Thank You!!

Because of you all, I reached new heights but never lost count. You all made it possible! So thanks to my God, Family, Clients, Friends & Fans and everyone. I am grateful to each one of you.

It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. Never stop dreaming, Never stop trying and one day you will get paid off.!!